24 individual pieces of carbon fibre are placed with exact precision in every 2018 paddle blade.  A range of             different carbon fibre weaves have been purposefully placed around the paddle to run against the direction             of forces and add stiffness to the areas that need it.  The reduced cavitation or flex of the blade maintains        the integrity of the shape so it can be used how it was designed to be used. All of this translates                             to increased power transfer in the water for you.


   The Vacuum Infusion Process allows for an optimal cloth to resin ratio and the best combination of                          lightweight construction and paddle strength.  This seasons blades are lighter than ever for                         improved comfort and performance.

    Improved and finely tapered  tip and edges of the blade allow for smooth blade entry into the water and

      improved technical feel.

    Added uni-directional carbon fibre in the areas of highest force, plain weave carbon fibre along the tip and          edges for impact resistance and an externally wrapped neck are all new features adding considerable       strength to the inherently weak places in a paddle. This year we have upped the strength and impact     resistance to handle tougher conditions and more remote places.


   Our NEW Smooth Grip Shaft adds serious comfort to your paddle grip. This feature makes heat shrink            redundant and helps to reduce the paddle weight. 

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