The entire Meek Paddle range is made in Australia using the most innovative production technology, Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding. Built with the highest level of performance in mind, every single piece of carbon fibre is meticulously placed with exact precision by Chad Meek. Our interest in manufacturing high performance products stems from a simple desire to make you paddle faster, more comfortably, to more places, with the confidence the paddle will hold up when it really counts. 


We strongly believe in the value of a physically active lifestyle.   For many of us, there is something particularly alluring about exercising in a water based environment and further still to do this in a kayak or on a ski.  Be it on a lake, ocean, river or dam, the right paddle can take you to places that the everyday person doesn’t go, to have experiences that the everyday person doesn’t have.  Paddling well can feel great.  It is our goal to make your paddling experience feel even better, by providing you with the absolute ultimate in paddle feel and performance.


We are committed and striving to always be our best and this extends to the development of pur family based business, manufacturing methods and innovations, and ultimately our desire to allow paddlers to have an optimal experience.

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