B-Series Paddle Fixed length

B-Series Paddle Fixed length

Blade Shape Description.

The B- Shape is a tear drop shape that is perfect for paddlers who have consistent technique and the direction of stroke is relatively compromised, such as in flat water conditions. The tear drop shape of the blade increases in volume from the neck to the tip of the blade. The blade has a strong catch and needs to move away from the boat to remain stable in the water. ​


Most Popular Uses: 

Kayak sprint and marathon, Ocean Paddling in the Harbour/Bay


Warrior construction features:

Ultra-light and Strong

Grip and Rip Surface

Built to Endure


Shafts: There are 4 shaft options


The standard paddle shaft 

The Flex Elite racing shaft Upgrade (recommended)

The STIFF shaft 

The EXTRA FLEX / carbon kevlar shaft.





    B Series Blade Size Guide:

    X-Small: Junior- Young Juniors, Women- Iron and Vet, Men- N/A

    Small: Junior- Surf/Iron/Kayak,  Women- Elite Iron/Kayak/Marathon/Ocean, Men- Vet Iron/Ocean

    Medium: Junior- Elite Kayak and Ocean, Women- Elite Flatwater/Marathon, Men- All disciplines

    Large: Junior- N/A, Women: N/A, Men: Flatwater Sprint only


    All paddles are custom built to order. When you place your order your name will be placed on our production list. We will contact you when your paddle is ready to send and forward tracking details. Average time frame is 3 weeks.

Shaft Type
Hand locator
Paddle cover addition
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