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The Story of Meek Paddles

A passion for keeping it simple and prioritising the things that count, so that we all get more time on the water

In 1996, Chad Meek, the founder of Meek Paddles, was inspired to craft his own ultralight kayak after winning the World Marathon Championships. Struck by the absence of such lightweight kayaks in Australia, he embarked on a self-taught journey to create a honeycomb K1. Despite some challenges, including a trip to hospital with resin in his eye, during the experimentation process, Chad succeeded in producing a remarkable 5kg K1 kayak, which led him to secure second place at the 1997 World Championships.

This venture marked the beginning of Chad's fascination with manufacturing and product innovation, extending beyond kayaks to paddles, sea kayaks, ocean craft, and other inventions. Although he continued racing, the time-consuming work in the workshop soon impacted his performance, prompting a change in approach.

Joining forces with his wife, Skye, who also excelled in kayaking and had expertise in exercise science and business administration, they set a common goal: to establish a business that would enable them to continue training and racing while producing high-performance products they would personally use. Thus, Meek Paddles was born, bringing about a lifestyle that harmoniously merged work and passion.

Initially designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships, Meek Paddles expanded their product range to include a number of shapes and sizes and continued to produce different lay-ups to suit a variety of conditions. The Australian Surf proved a great test for the product and the paddles ability to hold up under these conditions contributed to the success of the brand in this area.

Throughout the journey, the Meek family maintained a shared purpose: to run the business efficiently, create exceptional products they wholeheartedly endorse, and continue engaging in activities they love. By constantly refining their systems, incorporating solar power, and keeping overheads low, they have ensured their handcrafted paddles remain an affordable option for Australian customers.

Each year, Meek Paddles seeks to enhance their product range and improve various elements of their paddles. Recently, they introduced the ultralight Meek Warrior lay-up, which received a resounding success. In 2021/22, the collaboration with the esteemed Clint Robinson has brought even more offerings to their range, harnessing both designers' wealth of experience in paddle design and paddling results to deliver paddlers a unique and enjoyable water feel.

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