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The Meek Range consist of 3 popular and common design shapes:

The G-Series: A parallel edged blade

The B-Series: A tear drop shaped blade

The A-Series: A twisted tear drop shaped blade


All shapes are used successfully at the highest level, so how do you choose?  Each shape has different characteristics that suit certain conditions a bit more than others. The different shapes also have the main load in different phases of the stroke and might suit personal differences in technique a bit more. For example, if you are seeking the most work at the catch of the stroke, then a blade with its greatest volume at the tip of the blade is more suitable so you would choose the A-Series.

We have described each blades characteristics below. You can match the conditions you paddle in and your preferred technique to the different shapes. If you would like any help deciding please feel free to contact us for more assistance. You can fill in an inquiry form here.

Most people adapt very quickly to any paddle shape but if you are new to the sport and want a safe bet, the G-Series is incredibly user friendly and by far our most popular shape, particularly in surf conditions.


THE G-SERIES- Parallel edged blade


The G-Shape is a parallel edged blade has an equal balance of surface area either side of the shaft. This paddle is excellent for messy, unstable conditions where the direction of stroke is compromised (eg moving water) because it stays stable in the water regardless of whether it is pulled wide or close to the boat.  It also suits the paddler who has difficulty with sore shoulders and the load is spread more evenly throughout the stroke.

Most popular uses: Surf, Ironman/woman, and Kayak


THE B-SERIES- Tear drop shape


The B- Shape is a tear drop shape that is perfect for paddlers who have consistent technique and the direction of stroke is relatively compromised, such as in flat water conditions. The tear drop shape of the blade increases in volume from the neck to the tip of the blade. The blade has a strong catch and needs to move away from the boat to remain stable in the water. ​

Most popular uses: Kayak sprint and marathon, Ocean Paddling in the Harbour/Bay


THE A-SERIES- A twisted tear drop shape


The twisted tear drop shape suits paddlers looking for a strong catch and easy exit. It is great in unstable conditions like the ocean and rivers where a perfect technical stroke is not always possible but you still want to get a good catch.   The A-Series has a much greater volume of its surface area at the catch of the blade.

Most popular uses: Ocean Paddling, Multi-sport/ Adventure racing, Kayak

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The 3 Meek Paddle Shapes

The G-Series (left): a parallel edged shape paddle

The B-Series (middle) is a tear drop shaped paddle.
The A-Series (right) is an twisted tear drop shaped paddle.