G-Series Paddle Adjustable

G-Series Paddle Adjustable

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Shape Description:

The G-Shape is a parallel edged blade that has an equal balance of surface area either side of the shaft. This paddle is excellent for messy, unstable conditions where the direction of stroke is compromised (eg moving water) because it stays stable in the water regardless of whether it is pulled wide or close to the boat.  It also suits the paddler who has difficulty with sore shoulders and the load is spread more evenly throughout the stroke.


Most Popular Uses:
Surf, Ironman/woman and Kayak


Warrior Construction Features:

Ultra-light and Strong

Grip and Rip Surface

Built to Endure


Adjustment Mechanism on Adjustable Paddles:


The adjuster has 10cm of adjustment available (eg. 200-210cm, 205-215cm) and can be used left or right handed at any angle. The most frequently used angle is around 65 deg. 

Our new paddle locks are made of polycarbonate to avoid corrosion and for easy adjustment, the internal joiner is carbon/glass. 


Shafts: There are 4 shaft options


The standard paddle shaft 

The Flex Elite racing shaft (our recommendation)

The STIFF shaft 

The EXTRA FLEX / carbon kevlar shaft.



    X-Small:  Junior- Surf/Iron/Kayak, Women- Iron, Vet Kayak/Ocean, Men-N/A

    Small:  Junior- Surf/Iron/Kayak, Women- Elite Iron/Kayak/Ocean, Men-Iron

    Medium Minus:  Junior Elite Flatwater, Women-Elite Flatwater, Men-Surf/Ocean/Kayak/ Marathon

    Medium: Junior-N/A, Women-N/A, Men- Flatwater Sprint

    This is a guide to the most common uses of the different sized paddles. If you would like a specific recommendation please Contact Us


    Meek Paddles are custom built to order. You will be notified with the tracking details of your paddle once your paddle has been made and is ready to send. Average time frame is 3 weeks.