THE NEW MEEK WARRIOR: Outrageously light AND built to endure

Handcrafted Paddles built exclusively for High Performance  
MEEK medium quality-4 Matt Bev.jpg

With a revolutionary approach to manufacturing paddles we have been able to produce paddles with a strength:weight ratio and water feel like no other. Designed exclusively for high performance these handcrafted paddles are ultra light-weight to save you energy, have increased blade strength for power transfer and improved water feel with our Grip and Rip raw carbon surface finish.
Outrageously light AND built to endure.

Harriet Brown
James Porter
Jett Kenny and James Porter
Jett Kenny

Paddle Features

Ultra light AND Strong

Ave 550g for a fixed length

Ave 630g Adjustable length

Grip and Rip blade surface

A raw carbon inside blade surface to hold the water

Built to Endure

Stronger than ever with more carbon in the direction of forces


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